How to Start

Interested in starting lessons with your son or daughter?

Here’s what to do!

1. Get in touch! Contact…

Margaret Carpenter
(505) 231-9241
mcarpenter1770 [at]

We’ll arrange some time to chat and answer your questions.

2. Observe a Lesson

You’ll be invited to observe a lesson.

3. Become a Practice Parent

Starting a new beginning student truly starts with a new beginning parent: the Suzuki Practice Parent. That’s you! The practice parent is going to be in charge of the home practice and listening.  

In order for you, the Practice Parent, to lead/direct in this home environment, you will need to know more about what we’ll be doing, and how we’ll be doing it. This parent instruction takes place in the few weeks in advance of the children beginning lessons.

4. You and your child begin your lessons

New beginners start all together at the same time, with parents having a few weeks of instruction first.

During the first year of lessons, the practice parent needs to have their own adult-sized violin to use in private lessons and in the home practice. Please don’t get a violin for you or for your child before lessons begin. It’s best to have your first experience in the private lesson where you can get individual instruction.

“Unending patience, unwavering positivity, and just the right teaching point at just the right moment — my daughter has been so fortunate to have a teacher like Margaret, and is thriving without stress. I’m an educator, and I’m constantly impressed.”

Stephen, parent

Some Helpful Preparation

What can you do now before lessons begin?

Sing! Listen to music!

Any kind of music is wonderful, but here are some recommended sources: